Step 1:

Open the Software. Perform a disk search on the drive where you want to find duplicate files by clicking on Start Scan button on the main screen.

Manage hard disk space

Step 2:

Once the search is complete, Go to FilesList menu. Click Duplicate Files.

Step 3:

Select the type of duplicate Files. We will select Duplicate Files with Same Name and Size here for example.

Duplicate Files with Same Name and Size

Last Step

Now you will be able to see duplicate files list in the File Viewer.

The file viewer tool is a comprehensive file explorer tool you can use to go through the files, delete the unwanted files, copy and move files to another location and do other file operations. You will also be able to filter the file list if it is really big using various user defined criteria. Check out the “File Filters” window beside the Files List.

See duplicate files list

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