Systweak software is an IT based company which deals with developing software and solutions for the customers and clients across the globe. Systweak was established in 1999 by Mr. Shrishail Rana. The objective of Systweak was to provide solutions to the PC users so that they can use their PC and devices efficiently. However, apart from providing IT solutions, it operates in other domain as well, such as media, data organization and Turnkey Web.

Systweak was dealing into Windows in the beginning, but later on, it included other platforms also, such as Android, iOS, and Macintosh. Not only this, it expanded it’s area of functionality and introduced its products from its treasure for the music and photograph lovers.

No matter, how many products Systweak developed, it never compromised with the quality for quality definitely matters for Systweak. It aims at providing economical solutions to its clients and customers to make them feel contented.

Our mission

Systweak’s target is to provide the software solutions and facilities such that it brings out something new every time for its customers to solve their problems and bring a smile on their faces. It emphasizes in providing solutions such that quality is maintained and simultaneously the advancement made in technology should be reflected in the product.

It provides exceptional customer services and support so that customers can easily solve their problems and get assistance in case they require. The technical support is provided to customers before and after the purchasing process.

Systweak believes in constantly improving itself so that it can expand the scope of IT sector and thus master itself in delivering products and services. Systweak understands the worth of its customers and that’s why always value them. The loyalty and support from customers result in motivating us and challenging us to deliver better from what we have given earlier.

Systweak comprehends the fact that self-improvement is the only key to success, so, it endeavour always to meet the expectations of its customers.

Our team

Systweak’s squad encompasses of a proportionate mixture of both young and experienced group of people. These people are highly skilled and masters in a diverse number of platforms. Nonetheless, the apprenticeship program inculcates more values heavily in individuals to excel and provide their contribution in the business-related projects undertaken by the industry.

Systweak believes in

  • Providing the best possible solutions and facilities to its customers.
  • Elevating the expectations of the customers by providing them magnificent services.
  • Offering exclusive and distinguished service by implementing the advanced technology in the products and services.
  • Maintaining a gang of people who are proficient, motivated and expert professionals.
  • Setting up a superior quality of structure in order to provide an error-free solution on a timely basis.
  • Equipping support to customers through the Web even after they have purchased the product.

Awards- Rewards

Systweak has secured many awards from industry, business organizations and partners for their dexterous efforts and contribution in IT sector. Systweak is grateful that its hard work is acknowledged and rewarded for supplying outstanding service quality to its customers in order to achieve their gratification.

Job opportunities

Systweak is always up to provide job opportunities to the passionate and hard-working people. Systweak strongly believes in fabricating the talent itself in an individual. Systweak comprises of a work culture and atmosphere such that employees can utilize their capabilities and can explore their hidden talent and caliber. So, if you are thinking to join a successful company with a great corporate culture, then you are welcomed. Kindly contact us!

Learning has no age – Mentoring programs

Systweak, as mentioned, believes in giving its best shot and improving itself, so, for that matter, it regulates mentoring programs to infuse them with the desired skills so that they can work diligently and progress in the future. This mentoring program undoubtedly prepares employees for further challenges in the walk of their life. Happy learning!

A powerful Disk Analysis Tool for Windows

Disk Analyzer Pro provides a simple and effective way of taking control of all your files. It allows users to delete all files that are doing nothing more than sitting idle and hogging storage space.