Find Biggest Folders on Hard Disk

Know which folders are taking up most of disk space on your system.

Step 1:

Launch the software. Choose the drive you want to scan and click on Start Scan button.

Step 2:

Once the search is complete, you will be able to see all the folders in the File Explorer window (as seen in the screenshot above).

Find Biggest Folders On My Hard Drive


Disk Analyzer Pro allows you to view size of each and every folder on your disk drive. This makes it easy to locate folders consuming all the disk space. As you can see in the screenshot above, the file and folder list is shown with details such as size, number of folders, number of files and % of parent for each folder and file.


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A powerful Disk Analysis Tool for Windows

Disk Analyzer Pro provides a simple and effective way of taking control of all your files. It allows users to delete all files that are doing nothing more than sitting idle and hogging storage space.